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RA, The After Life

The After Life. Ra, Downtown Vegas, to Egypt, Rome, and Africa.

Downtown Las Vegas, you will find Ra. I looked at this Mariel on the side of the Building for a couple of years, look at the teeth, the face, the other symbols, and dancing feet and said, “Hey they did me in this picture.” Beside me, the letter R curved like a small a, with a pronunciation symbol letting you know, Ra. It was not until I read about Ra 11/11/2020 that I thought it was me, but more than me. The Luxor Casino and Pyramid is Ra, and all the other God Statues fall under Ra. The Mariel has it all. That is not a black eye, but the Eye of Ra. The Sun at top and cross represents the Sun God; The Son God. Ra was king over all kings which Elvis depicts as king, blue suede shoes, and the King with the animal head, and the other  animals, could have been the same head, because Ra could transform to animals heads through other Gods which were all a part of Ra, which meant that their was only one Main God, Ra, the lion-tiger his favorite, the feline woman, and the dog with the hat represents this Ra is of Entertainment with the heart and guitar rocking; on fire. Rod plays guitar. You see Rod played the guitar. For several years, Rad was a slice of Downtown. Rod listed all the Casinos and most of the businesses in the surrounding Downtown, East Fremont Street, the Dance District, Outside Stage performers, street performers, Top Music Visitors' Performing, big box and small box performers, and the developers themselves, and owners themselves to share their thoughts. So, many knew of Rad and his personal life and he is open about it. The pee statute is the most photographed statue in Las Vegas. Yes, Rad talks about him peeing in public. A lot of art in Greek and Rome with symbolism in Las Vegas, see nudity as art. But, Rod hasn’t confirmed that the pee statute being brought in from Belgium had anything to do with him. The art work is at the end of the tour of Ra.

Casino Luxor is Ra. One of two of Rad’s favorite Resorts. Rad took his last drink of alcohol there, Club Ra, decades ago after dancing with two women at Club Ra located in “Luxor Ra.” Rod passed out that night, after a few drinks, after sitting on the DJ Stage, after our ancient Egyptian dance was over. Legend has it that Queen Isis attempted to poison Ra. Was the spirit of Isis there that night? Rad has not taken another chance of being intoxicated, but he loves to dance.

A time for us Romeo and Juliet 1968


Rod is pronounced   /räd/ /rä d/ drop the d, DOC, Descendants’ of Christ, and you still have one God.


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How to Pronounce ROAD & ROD /roʊd rɑd

“Ancient Egyptian Gods There were over 2,000 names of gods in Ancient Egypt. Some images of Ancient Egyptian gods and goddesses show them with a human body and the head of a bird or an animal. Animals were chosen to represent the powers of the god.”


“Ra was the almost universally-worshipped king of the gods and all-father of creation. A sun god, he was said to command the chariot that rode across the sky during the day. A king, he was the patron of the pharaoh. Ra is the most central god of the Egyptian panthen”




“The creator of the universe and the giver of life, the sun or Ra represented life, warmth and growth. Since the people regarded Ra as a principal god, creator of the universe and the source of life, he had a strong influence on them, which led to him being one of the most worshiped of all the Egyptian gods and even considered King of the Gods.”

“Maahes was considered the son of Ra with the feline goddess Bastet, or of another feline goddess, Sekhmet. ... Maahes was pictured as a man with the head of a male lion.”

"Eye of Ra"—Ra being the preeminent sun god in ancient Egyptian religion."


"Many other God all had Ra as a part of them, but they had many different heads, so Rod thinks Ra had many animal heads. Ra’s head was of a falcon."

“Name of God Amun King of the Gods When Amun was combined with the sun god Ra he was even more powerful. He was then called Amun-Ra.        Head of a ram Anubis God of Mummification (embalming and the dead). His role was as the "guardian to necropolis" Priests often wore a mask of Anubis during mummification ceremonies.    Head of a jackal Bast (Bastet) Goddess of Protection and of household entertainment Thought to be the daughter of the sun god Ra Head of a cat Geb       Earth God The ancient Egyptians believed that earthquakes were Geb's laughter.     Head of a goose Hathor          Goddess of love and joy and also of music and dance .       Head of a cow Sekmet            Goddess of war and battle      Head of a lioness Horus  God of the sky The Egyptians believed that the pharaoh was the 'living Horus'.      Head of a falcon Heket   Goddess of childbirth Head of frog Tefnut    Goddess of of the rain Head of lioness Thoth God of wisdom (writing and knowledge)  Head of an ibis bird Sobek     God of Nile and swidt action  Head of a crocodile”


"Egyptian God RA: The Creator God (The Powerful Sun God) | Ancient Mythology History"


"Ra was believed to rule in all parts of the created world: the sky, the Earth, and the underworld. He was the god of the sun, order, kings, and the sky. Ra was portrayed as a falcon and shared characteristics with the sky god Horus."


“In Egyptian mythology, Ra was the god of the sun. He was the most important god in Ancient Egypt. He had many names, such as Amun-Ra, and Ra-Horakhty. It was said he was born each morning in the East, and died each night in the West. In the night he traveled through the underworld”


"Ra, the Creator God of Ancient Egypt"


“In Egyptian mythology, Ra was the god of the sun. He was the most important god in Ancient Egypt. He had many names, such as Amun-Ra, and Ra-Horakhty. It was said he was born each morning in the East, and died each night in the West. In the night he traveled through the underworld.”


"Who is Ra? Ra (pronounced ray) represents sunlight, warmth and growth. It was only natural that the ancient Egyptians would believe him to be the creator of the world, as well as part of him being represented in every other god. The ancient Egyptians believed that every god should illustrate some aspect of him, while Ra himself should also represent every god. Ra’s Appearance Ra was usually depicted in human form. He had a falcon head which is crowned with a sun disc. This sun disc was encircled by a sacred cobra named Uraeus. Ra has also been depicted as a man with the head of a beetle and also a human man with the head of a ram. The ancients also depicted Ra in full species form such as a serpent, heron, bull, lion, cat, ram, hawk, beetle, phoenix and others. His main symbol, however, is the sun disk."    https://www.ancient-egypt-online.com/egyptian-god-ra.html


It's My Life | Epic Orchestra

Just a Church Visitor: Spreading the Cross.

About four blocks from this Historical Landmark is about a dozen churches. This is mostly black Americans that visit these churches, but the holiest place in Vegas as far as Rod sees, The Holy See. So, it is only right that a street name Jackson would cross it. Rod’s church that he Visits most often was Victory Baptist Church. Victory Baptist Church is right behind Second Baptist Church.

From White Rock Baptist Church to Victory Baptist Church was part of Rod’s plan. On the day I photographed these pictures, the Church Moms, and the Church Moms only, on a Saturday morning, when having a drive in parking lot services talking about how our communities’ need our Church Moms and how important they are. I walked up by coincidence, but this was not coincidence. It was God’s plan. God's plan for me started out at White Rock baptized as a child, go through many trials and tribulations and end up at Victory on 10/17/2020. Just a Church Visitor: Spreading the Cross. Rod finishes his thoughts and vision about his journey at the end of the pictures on page 67 - 70. Rod listed to Billy Graham as he spoke how he visited many churches, but as a visitor, but not a member, because God had other plans for him. God had a plan bigger than one Church. Just a Church Visitor: Spreading the Cross.

Father of Social Media Platforms: Rodney Jackson's Faith: Just a Church Visitor: Spreading the Cross.

Rod was baptized at White Rock Baptist Church in Ringgold, VA around the age of 6 or 7. On Sunday and at dinner there were several prayers. Rodney’s Mom took them to Sunday school and Church here. This was the Church of mostly the Harpers, Culley, Cunningham, Ringgold folks, and their elders.

Strong belief in Jesus may mean that Jesus baptizes you himself, yourself. Rod baptized at White Rock Baptist Church at the age of seven. God never thought you could be his Son; John 3:16, and never wanted you to, "only", but he wanted you to preach his word of God like his only Spiritual Son; as his son and daughters. Rod's great-great granddad Reverend Henry A. Silver grew up became an ordained Pastor with a Church in North Carolina. Rod is ordained, "Under Holy Orders." Just a Church Visitor: Spreading the Cross.

God's journey for Rod was completed: Just a Church Visitor: Spreading the Cross. God does not want Rod to join one Church, 2 billion people already doing that. God does not want Rod to become a Pastor, Cleric, Preacher, or Pope, hundreds of thousands already doing that. God does not want Rod to learn every verse, or proficient to challenge people that are proficient in their readings; probable one billion people can already do that. God does not want Rod to Challenge people of the Church, of their faith, of their name given to God, over 200 names already given to God, and more than that in different Religion names. God wanted Rod only to be a Visitor of the Church and Spread the Cross to those that do and do not go to Church. Rod, with the help of others has completed that.

When Rod building his first Platforms he connected to a few memorable people and followed the over the Decades:

“KOFI A. ANNAN of Ghana, the seventh Secretary-General of the United Nations, served from 1997 to 2006 and was the first to emerge from the ranks of United Nations staff.”



In my vision, Pope Benedict XVI and Rod were joined through Spiritualism much like Rod and Ellen White. Rod followed his travels as he united the World and Religion. I knew his past, but he did more for bringing Blacks around the Globe than any Pope that Rod had seen into the faith. Rod was linked to him and Kofi over the internet and in the Spirit World. God forgave you Pope Benedict XVI for your childhood. See both of you in Heaven; you have already been judged was my vision.

Pope Benedict xvi - Israel May 2009 - Day 1


Pope Benedict XVI closes his African trip with a mass



Rod could make one tweet and it went to the entire list, maybe 1 tweet reached 100,000 to retweet to another 100,000 to 10 million.

It was Rod's belief that the Pope and he was connected through Spiritualism and during our travel he canonized the first Indian as a Saint; whom was the closest to Rod's middle name, Alphonso, as you could get, but it was conjugated with an "a" which may have meant Rod's Mother

"Pope Benedict XVIKerala-born Sister Alphonsa is now Saint Alphonsa after she was canonised by Pope Benedict XVI at a ceremony at St Peter's Square today. Kerala nun Sister Alphonsa became Saint Alphonsa after she was canonised by Pope Benedict XVI at a ceremony at St.Oct 12, 2008"




God’s undertaking for Rod was to deliver the word that Judgement is upon man. Rod already Judged.

Rod was a member of White Rock Baptist Church and mom paid the dues. But, Rod was meant not to be a member of a Church, but to deliver the word to every Church, and every man outside of the Church; going where Church folks may not go. Our Calling From God? To spread the cross into every nation, every man. The Reason Rod invites all man to his show.

Matthew 28:19 ESV / 410 helpful votes 

Go therefore and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit,

Judgment of all man is the final Judgment. So Rod undertook God’s plan for him and invited all man, all religions, non-believers, and believers to Judgement.

Last Judgment, a general, or sometimes individual, judging of the thoughts, words, and deeds of persons by God, the gods, or by the laws of cause and effect. The Western prophetic religions (i.e., Zoroastrianism, Judaism, Christianity, and Islam) developed concepts of the Last Judgment that are rich in imagery.                                              https://www.britannica.com/topic/Last-Judgment-religion     

World Evangelist List
Pick a part of the Bible to listen to or read:


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Introduction: https://www.christianity.com/
 From Danville VA: https://www.intouch.org/
America: https://tinyurl.com/wn2mst6
America: https://www.tbn.org/people
America: https://www1.cbn.com/
Japan: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=25Jpdfip8-4
Rome: https://www.vaticannews.va/en.html
England: https://www.churchofengland.org/
America: https://abn.churchofjesuschrist.org/?lang=eng
200+ A – Z: Listing of official Denominational Web sites: http://hirr.hartsem.edu/denom/homepages.html
America: https://www.jw.org/en/ 
America: https://www.liberty.edu/
America: https://billygraham.org/
America: https: www.faithdome.org/

Jesus therefore clearly commanded his followers: "Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel and he who is baptized shall be saved. (Abraham - Gal. 3:8; Mark 16:16 Romans ch. 6 vs. 3-5:-)

Then you undergo the water and rise fully "in Christ", a seed of Abraham, having those glorious promises which make up the Gospel made to him.


 Did you put on that Santa's Helpers Hat yet? 

Be Santa's Helpers 25 days of Christmas, YES, YOU ARE OUR PERSON OF THE YEAR 


THERE IS ONLY ONE GOD, WE INVITE ALL RELIGIONS AROUND THE WORLD, the non-religious, even THE ANTI-RELIGION,.....GOD IS NOT A RELIGION, GOD is not a name that you have given around 200 to in the name of something, Jesus is King over all Kings, But Only One GOD it is that Exist, are too invited, that have not found god, to celebrate with us, sharing joy this holiday, a prayer, finding Him, someone to answer your prayers next time, inviting you, TO DECORATE AND CELEBRATE CHRISTMAS OR TRAVEL TO A CITY THAT DOES. be TRULY DIFFERENT DARING DIVERSE, OH AND WE KNOW THAT YOUR UNIVERSITY, LIKE ROD'S, SNUBBING DECORATIONS, FORGET THE KEY WORDS, TO GREATNESS, BE INCLUSIVE TOO, YOU. WELCOME TO THE SHOW, MAYBE SMALL, BUT GREAT YOU ARE, COLLEGES AND UNIVERSITIES THAT PUBLICLY CELEBRATE CHRISTMAS.

Rod of God, 222 Rod The Baptist, 222 and Jesus 444

                     QUOTE: "Rod in Jewish Gematria equals: 134:r80o50d4

                     Rod in English Gematria equals: 222:r108o90d24

                     Rod in Simple Gematria equals: 37:r18o15d4"

According to Rod's Research, The Hebrew Year 5777 Jesus Returned in the Clouds

to set on the Thrown JerUSAlem; The Calendar Year 2016 was the starting year

of 5777. Hebrew 5777 year went from Sundown Oct 2 2016 - October 4 2017

Nightfall. Jewish Festival of Lights December 25, 2016 - (January) 01,01,2017.

7+7+7=21=GOD Jesus rose on the third (3) day. 5777, 7 days passed to New

Year. Jesus Christ Birthday. Ancient Symbols 7 Branch Menorah.

December 25, 12 25. Rod's creation, Christian New Jerusalem. Rod's Birthday in

Reverse, 5 22 and 1 Genesis, "In the Beginning" Creation or the and also, maybe, “The Revelation 1 from Jesus Christ, which God gave him to show his servants what must soon take place. He made it known by sending his angel to his servant John, 2 who testifies to everything he saw—that is, the word of God and the testimony of Jesus Christ. 3 Blessed is the one who reads aloud the words of this prophecy, and blessed are those who hear it and take to heart what is written in it, because the time is near.”

Rod saw through the messages of Lucifer, Satin Spirit, to find those from God while searching the Gematria; both followers are in the Gematria; God and earthly Devil; and others too, of course. 

Truly, the Message of Jesus Second Coming, to set on the Thrown, would bring

peace to Heaven for 1000 years. In the Jewish Year of Christ, Messiah, Jesus

Christ was the one and only Messiah to Return as predicted. All Christians are

linked too God through the Jews; The King of All Jews, Jesus.  

One Messiah;

and  only one Returned bridging the Old Testament and the New Testament.

Jesus "Christ" Birthday 12/25/2018 (1 + 2 + 2 + 5 + 2 + 0 +1 +8 = 21) was

the first Birthday after Jesus "Christ" Second 22 = 4  22 = 4  22 = 4 Coming

2016-2017, 5777 confirming the Messiah; God, 21.

Rod, Gandhi, Martin Luther King Jr., Pope John Paul II, were not afraid to listen to many religions to better

understand their own FAITH because they had such never-wavering-faith in their own belief in God. 

Rod was introduced to the book written by Ellen G. White at UNLV last Presidential Debate:

It's My Life - Guitar Hero 3 Expert


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