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             Grown Folks Presidential Library located in United States of America. Tour open today.                    

  Dress code: If you haven't learned how to put on a belt to keep your pants properly pulled up, then you just don't meet the qualified dress code to hang out here. Put those bloomers in your trunks my friend. 


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Yea. Rod could have got down with Stevie on Stage. Rod was born to Dance.


Retrieved from: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=614benSKiro

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 “Do not store in your brain useless information. Learn to unmind the mind. Unlearn whatever has been of no use to you. Then only can you fill your mind with divine thoughts.”S3333333

— Sivananda



Declutter Your Mind and Free Up Mental Space Doc 2 22 2020

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[Three, Think like Kings, Queens, Knights, and Warrior Princesses forever]

And now Ten Ways to Declutter Your Mind and Free Up Mental Space

“Declutter Your Physical Environment. Physical clutter leads to mental clutter. ...

Write It Down. You don't need to keep everything stored in your brain. ...

Keep a Journal. ...

Let Go of the Past. ...

Stop Multi-Tasking. ...

Limit the Amount of Information Coming In....

Be Decisive. ...

Put Routine Decisions on Auto-Pilot.”



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Seven Businesses that you may be able to start, hustle in on the side, with High School

 Degree or Drop out? Hey, I have heard that some of these folks make more than your boss  or those with College Degrees; then some loss money and go out of business too?

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Jesus and his Father, Joseph, were skilled Carpenters; trained in building things

anything. that wraps it up. 8/01/2019. Rod

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So what is Doctheshow.com?

The Father of Social Media, he thinks he is. Saw the whole internet as one big show. Each link putting on its own show at the other end independently, unattached, set apart, representing freedom of the Internet, by such a incomplex Website link. Each show a single Channel. In that since, of course not literally, pick a Channel to click to.

Those Guitars are links to Music of the 60s, 70s, and 80s mostly. Mostly Rock and Roll, Rhythm and Blues, Country, Christian Rock, and Southern Rock (6+7+8=21)

Those hearts are links to Music of the 60s, 70s, and 80s, mostly. Mostly Love Songs Soul Music and Gospel. (6+7+8=21)

The others are just some favorite, well at least educational for research, links that Rod has visited over time.


 DJ Country Boy


Alright Go Wild:

D.J. D.C.GoGo Style (Old School Only)


Retrieved: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XNc9phYujWY


Retrieved from: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b41NFk3kBsA

Tears For Fears - Everybody Wants to Rule the World (Live 1985)

Attack on America in 2020 would make Military Strategic since for China; WWII Japan attacked America to keep America weak from stopping the NAZI Axis aggressors from seizing neighboring countries and exterminating opposition. Grabbing Hong Kong makes Military Strategic since also, just before a major assault on the world one would have to acquire a financing tool other than the America Markets. Or did China leak this footage singling their accomplices that the time is near?








 “The report details how China has sought to “create a new model of governance for the digital domain,” through mass surveillance technology and controlling access to information and content. American social media platforms like Google, Twitter and Facebook are banned inside China.

Other things banded by China:

The report also details how China has invested in technology that aids authoritarianism, such as facial recognition software and other surveillance technology.”

As China grow more and more to destroy in their Country what resembles America, all this while many American kids become stupid-stupid, looking at the front-page of YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook each day while the world is setting up to become the geniuses of ruling the world. 

How do you get rid of or cut down profitability of American Entertainment, Sports, and businesses? Social Distancing has stopped much dancing in America and Vegas. They have shut down dancing and the music industry with the Virus. Very profitable sector for minority Americans.





“On March 18, 2020, the Chinese government ordered US nationals at the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, and the Washington Post whose press credentials expire by the end of 2020 to return their press cards within 10 days and prohibited them from working in mainland China, Hong Kong, and Macau.”



Can a company negotiate to pay only 50% of their bills each month, leave the doors closed accumulating another 100% of bills for another month shutdown unreimbursed by the Government shutdown, or go out of Business? What a formula? No more than government can, but they expect Federal Government Assistance:

“Are movie theaters open in Las Vegas?

Gyms and fitness clubs will be permitted to open and must operate at 50% capacity. Locker rooms and common facilities such as saunas will remain closed. Also permitted to open: Movie theaters, bowling alleys, indoor malls, museums, art galleries, pools and water parks; they must also operate at half capacity.”

"Indoor malls must prohibit areas where people congregate, including restricting seating or benches in hallways or open areas. Each individual retail store within an indoor mall will be subject to the same 50% capacity mandate and social distancing requirements. Food courts must adhere to the same restrictions as restaurants," per the governor. 

 “… live performances and live performers will not be allowed with spectators. Certain event will be allowed under "specific restrictions for the purpose of broadcasting or live streaming" but cannot have a live audience.”

No more than government can:


“Though cities have predicted they will need about $500 billion from Washington to help cover unanticipated costs from the pandemic, federal lawmakers have been unwilling to authorize such a cash infusion, forcing many cities to take drastic steps to balance their budgets. (Patrick Semansky/AP) More than 700 U.S. cities have halted plans to improve roadways, buy new equipment and complete a wide array of upgrades to water systems and other critical infrastructure, as government officials slash spending to shore up the massive holes in their budgets created by the coronavirus.”

It’s inferior to think that a person that works anywhere is not going to get the COVID-19 from somewhere in the next 10 years; and it is also just as inferior to close a business because someone, an employee, test positive for COVID-19. This inferior behavior will finish bankrupting America below other nations that are not reporting accurately for financial gain of the American market. That is why other nations lie about their numbers; as my research below shows.

What I find appalling and stupid, a large number of kids find daily entertaining and a large part of their learning cluttering their minds with useless information, blocking space from real learning to lead the world? Textbooks! No great country is going to follow street learned thug-life, street knowledge, leaving many stranded in ghetto life, by default, not excellent in achieving forward-thinking to own things, your country, your businesses, your military, your police, your rule of law, demanding equality from discrimination, and equableness’ to succeed like any other man. I’m not talking about you kids now. This starts with your leaders that you sent to Washington.

Retrieved: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1682rQdaYCE

Tears for Fears - Shout (Live)

I would be a very dumb person watching that appalling stuff, actually laughing at it, and finding that entertaining on a daily basis. Who is in charge of much of this entertainment in America, on a daily basis? The enemies of America must love what you in charge of entertainment, maybe they are in charge, the kids are now the educators, and you have but sham many kids' minds in America over the last two decades that could have been great? You have destroyed and wasted the minds of many great generations occupying their minds with useless stupidity, foolishness, absurdity. Are you one that is in charge here? You are wasting someone’s mindspace:

  1. airhead
  2. alec
  3. ass
  4. balloon
  5. berk
  6. birdbrain
  7. blockhead
  8. bogan
  9. bonehead
  10. boob
  11. boofhead
  12. bozo
  13. charlie
  14. chowder head
  15. chucklehead
  16. chump
  17. clod
  18. clodpole
  19. clot
  20. cluck
  21. clunk
  22. coot
  23. cretin
  24. dill
  25. dimwit
  26. dingbat
  27. ding-dong
  28. dingleberry
  29. dip
  30. dipstick
  31. divvy
  32. dolt
  33. donkey
  34. dope
  35. dork
  36. drongo
  37. dullard
  38. dumbbell
  39. dumbhead
  40. dumbo
  41. dum-dum
  42. dummy
  43. dunce
  44. dunderhead
  45. fathead
  46. fool
  47. galah
  48. galoot
  49. gink
  50. git
  51. gobdaw
  52. goof
  53. goofball
  54. goofus
  55. goon
  56. gowk
  57. halfwit
  58. ignoramus
  59. imbecile
  60. jackass
  61. jerk
  62. klutz
  63. knobhead
  64. knucklehead
  65. lamebrain
  66. lamer
  67. loggerhead
  68. loon
  69. lummox
  70. mompara
  71. mooncalf
  72. moron
  73. mug
  74. muppet
  75. muttonhead
  76. nerd
  77. nerk
  78. nincompoop
  79. ninny
  80. nit
  81. nitwit
  82. noddy
  83. nong
  84. noodle
  85. numbskull
  86. numpty
  87. nyaff
  88. palooka
  89. peabrain
  90. pillock
  91. pinhead
  92. plonker
  93. poon
  94. poop
  95. prat
  96. pudding-head
  97. putz
  98. sap
  99. schlemiel
  100. schlepper
  101. schmuck
  102. simp
  103. simpleton
  104. spoony
  105. spud
  106. squarehead
  107. sumph
  108. thickhead
  109. tomfool
  110. turkey
  111. twerp
  112. twit
  113. twonk
  114. vulgar slang
  115. wally
  116. wazzock
  117. weeny
  118. wiener
  119. wing nut
  120. wooden-head
  121. yo-yo
  122. zombie

Retrieved from: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8MuhFxaT7zo

The Cranberries - Zombie